The term “A4VG90EP” seems to refer to a specific variant or configuration of a control valve designed for use with the A4VG series of axial piston variable pumps, with the “EP” likely denoting a particular feature set or control method, such as “Electric Proportional” control. The A4VG series, including the A4VG90 model, is engineered for high-pressure, closed-circuit hydraulic applications and is widely recognized for its efficiency, reliability, and adaptability across various industries. These pumps are essential in mobile machinery, industrial applications, and other systems requiring precise hydraulic control.

Given the context, the A4VG90EP valve would be a control valve specifically designed to enhance or modify the functionality of the A4VG90 axial piston pump through electric proportional control. While detailed specifications might vary, below is an overview based on standard characteristics of electrically controlled valves used in conjunction with hydraulic pumps like the A4VG series.


An A4VG90EP valve, being an electrically proportional control valve, would typically include:

  • Valve Body: The main structure that houses the internal components, crafted from durable materials capable of withstanding high hydraulic pressures.
  • Electrical Actuator: This component receives electrical signals (proportional to desired outcomes) and converts them into mechanical action to adjust the valve’s settings.
  • Spool: A precision-machined part that moves within the valve body to regulate the flow and direction of the hydraulic fluid, controlled by the electrical actuator based on input signals.
  • Ports: Connections for hydraulic fluid entry, exit, and return, tailored to the hydraulic circuit’s requirements.
  • Feedback Sensors: To ensure accurate control, feedback sensors may be integrated to monitor the position of the spool or the pressure within the system, providing real-time data for closed-loop control.

The primary functions of the A4VG90EP valve would center around its electric proportional control capabilities, offering:

  • Precise Flow and Pressure Control: By adjusting the spool position based on electrical input signals, the valve can precisely regulate the flow rate and pressure of the hydraulic fluid, catering to the system’s needs.
  • Variable Speed and Direction: It enables variable speed control of hydraulic motors and cylinders and can reverse the direction of flow as needed, all with high responsiveness.
  • Energy Efficiency: By matching the pump’s output to the actual demand more accurately, the system can achieve higher energy efficiency and reduced heat generation.
  • Improved Operational Control: Electric proportional control allows for smoother operation, finer control over movements, and the ability to easily adjust settings or presets through the control system.

The A4VG90EP valve, with its advanced control features, finds application in a wide range of settings where hydraulic systems require precise and adaptable control, such as:

  • Mobile Machinery: Including construction equipment, agricultural machines, and material handling vehicles.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Processes: Where precise hydraulic control is essential for machinery used in production lines, presses, and automated systems.
  • Marine and Offshore Equipment: For hydraulic systems in ships, drilling platforms, and other marine applications where precise control and reliability are critical.
  • Specialized Vehicles: Such as those used in mining, forestry, and other industries with demanding hydraulic system requirements.