A4VG110 A4VG145 pumps used in Concrete pump truck

The A4VG110 and A4VG145 are hydraulic axial piston pumps manufactured by Bosch Rexroth. These pumps are commonly used in various industrial applications, including concrete pump trucks and other industrial machinery. These pumps are designed to move fluid, typically concrete, through the machinery system.

The A4VG110 is a smaller capacity pump that is suitable for smaller concrete pumps or those requiring lower flow rates. It has a smaller diameter, allowing it to fit into smaller spaces and require less energy to operate. The A4VG110 is an axial piston pump with variable displacement. It is designed to provide high performance and efficiency in hydraulic systems.

Similar to the A4VG110, the A4VG145 is an axial piston pump with variable displacement. It shares many features with the A4VG110 but may offer higher displacement capacity. The A4VG145 is a larger capacity pump that is used in larger concrete pumps or those requiring higher flow rates. It has a larger diameter, allowing it to handle more fluid and provide greater suction and discharge capacity. Both pumps are designed to operate at high pressures and temperatures, ensuring they can handle the demands of the industrial machinery they are installed in.

In concrete pumps, the A4VG110 and A4VG145 pumps move the concrete through the system, from the hopper to the delivery hose and out to the job site. They help to ensure the concrete is delivered at the correct pressure and volume.The A4VG110 and A4VG145 pumps play a crucial role in providing the hydraulic power needed to operate the concrete pump mechanism. They are responsible for pumping and conveying concrete through the boom system. In other industrial machinery, these pumps contribute to powering hydraulic systems that control various functions such as lifting, tilting, and steering.

Their variable displacement feature and robust design make them suitable for applications that require precise control and reliable operation in hydraulic systems.