A11VO piston pump, A11VLO piston pump


A11V Series Axial Piston Pump including A11VO and A11VLO types. The difference between these types is with or without a charge pump.

Axial piston variable pump A11VO Series 1X

The A11VO sizes such as A11VO40 pump,  A11VO60 pump, A11VO75 pump, A11VO95 pump,  A11VO130 pump, A11VO145 pump,  A11VO190 pump,  A11VO260 pump.

The A11VLO sizes as A11VLO130 pump,  A11VLO145 pump,  A11VLO190 pump, A11VLO260 pump.


A11V(L)O pump technical data



A11V(L)O Series Axial Piston Pump features

– Swashplate design for hydrostatic drives in the open circuit system

– Many different control methods

– With through drive, is available to connect with a gear pump or the same specification piston pump

– The outflow is proportional to the drive speed and infinitely variable between max and min.